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The Tweed Huntress Corset

As you have probably gathered by now, I am not one for doing anything the easy way. I have this need to get something “just right” and often that requires a lot of creative license.

For this year’s Edwardian Ball, I wanted to create an outfit that was reminiscent of the outfits worn at the turn of the century during hunting expeditions, but that was also very feminine. I began sketching, and in the end designed a corset made out of materials associated with masculinity (wool tweed, suede and leather) that also had a very feminine shape.

Other than the steel boning, steel busk and thread, it’s completely upcycled— a 100% wool tweed men’s jacket, a suede skirt and leather pant legs. I drafted the pattern myself and it fits (me) like a dream. The front features a foldover lapel with real working buttonholes and antique buttons from the late 19th century that I found on etsy. A functional suede pocket adorns each side. I’m working on a pair of matching spats now. All I need now is a good mare and some hounds, and I’m off to the hunt. ‪#‎ilovetweed‬

Tweed Corset
Never use pins on leather!
Tweed Corset
Attaching the pockets

Tweed Corset

Tweed Corset
All stitched together and boned, waiting for grommets and trim.

I am very happy with how this turned out. Here are some detailed shots of the finished corset:

Tweed Corset
Close-up detail of front

Tweed Corset

Tweed Corset
All finished!

Tweed Corset

Tweed Corset

For the Edwardian Ball, I paired it with a long black skirt and boots, a riding crop and a men’s top hat, trimmed with a matching tweed ribbon and fascinator made from leather and feathers.

Tweed Corset
As worn

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