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Staying Home and Sewing a Child’s Fitted Mask Pattern.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been going nuts trying to work from home as well as keeping my kids connected with both their remote classwork and the classmates they so dearly miss. I never thought my kids would have more conference calls than I do, but we’re definitely competing for the best wifi signal lately.

If your kids are like mine, they are not used to being indoors and it’s just been really difficult to keep them cooped up. We’re trying to get out for a long walk or bike rides on the days where the weather cooperates. Our state has now advised the use of masks for everyone which make things complicated because good kids masks have been hard to find. I finally decided to put my design skills to work and drafted up some masks the other night. The kids helped me with the test fittings. If you have never had to drape with pins over a child’s face, consider yourself lucky. They were not particularly happy with me and there was a lot of “again?” and “we just DID that!”. I’ve now finally gotten these to the point where I am satisfied with the fits and I’m ready to share the design. Don’t they just look thrilled?


Kids size 8-11 and 5-8
filter pocket

Download Child’s Fitted Face Mask

I hope the directions are easy enough to follow. If you need more guidance, there is a somewhat similar adult’s mask tutorial here: The design itself is quite a bit different, but the construction order is the same. 

If you decide to make these to sell, please credit me for this design. It took a lot of work and late nights getting the fit just right and converting it to a digital pattern. Thanks, and…

Happy sewing!




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