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Fun little finds at the antiques faire

I’ve been doing some research in conjunction with the outfit I am making for this year’s Edwardian ball (suffragette colors) and wow is it intense. After delving into the politics, color schemes, protest techniques, and fashion of the day, I decided I needed a bit of a break. So I headed to the antiques faire (where else does one go for a little fresh air and inspiration?) I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but there are also a few vendors who I have gotten to know who will occasionally bring things they know I may have interest in, such as an Edwardian playsuit for my son, or Victorian underpinnings to fit my six year old daughter. It’s nice to pop over to visit with them and see what they’ve brought and nice just to have a few hours to wander and refresh.

But yesterday, it was the first thing I found (and the cheapest pick of the day) that really caught my curiosity. At the end of the aisle in one of the very last rows was a basket full of old pins. And this one caught my eye immediately. Obviously it’s the Green, Violet and White (Green = Give, W= Women, V= Vote) of the suffragette colors, and although I suspect it might be a suffragette pin from the San Francisco Women’s Club (there was one), I haven’t come across any supporting documentation in my  online research. Of course, it may be something obscure and unrelated as well, but I like the idea that this may be something of merit. Have you come across anything similar?


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