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Staying Home and Sewing a Child’s Fitted Mask Pattern.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been going nuts trying to work from home as well as keeping my kids connected with both their remote classwork and the classmates they so dearly miss. I never thought my kids would have more conference calls than I do, but we’re definitely competing for the best…… Continue reading Staying Home and Sewing a Child’s Fitted Mask Pattern.

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The Mending Trend

Over the last few years I have been really excited to see an uptick and renewed interest in what I call the “mending trend”. Whether it is commentary on the current political climate, a response to the environmental impact that “fast fashion” has on both our planet and it’s population, or just a omnipresent sense…… Continue reading The Mending Trend

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My Reference Library

So, it might not look like it, but I am self-taught when to comes to sewing and making corsets. My interest in fashion has always been pretty intense. I recall as a child wanting a particular item that wasn’t either in style or in-season and sadly having to wait years for the rest of the…… Continue reading My Reference Library