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The Little Blue Dress

And by little I mean whoever wore this was teeny tiny (maybe a size 2?). But here she is. A gorgeous little find that I could not pass up for a mere $10. It’s great for study and was made entirely by hand. The fabric was pintucked by machine before it was stitched together. It’s finished with hand pinked (zigzag) edges) in most places and silky blue hem tape, and while clearly handmade, it was handmade very well.

What it’s made of: Cotton with velvet ribbon and cotton trim

Estimated age: 1950’s


What I love about it: It’s very sweet and simple, despite the hundreds of pintucks. And the velvet ribbon detailing at the shoulder is very elegant.


What I noticed: The cleverly concealed pockets. Unless you’re wearing it, or close with the person who is, you wouldn’t even notice them. Even the zipper is concealed beneath a tuck.



What I’m going to do with it: I’ll probably keep it tucked away in the hopes that my daughter will want it in a few years.

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