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The Unconventional Materials Challenge, part 2

So, I’ve spent the last week assembling my paper dress. The watercolor paper is surprisingly tough to work with, and I had to reach back into the depths (a few times) to recall information from my bookbinding class in college. I would hug that teacher if I could! In contrast, the rice paper works up so nicely I decided to add three layers of it to my skirt, and worked it so that each panel would fit on one piece. I had to alter the planned shape a bit to get it to work, so it’s a bit more Marilyn than I initially planned, but it’s working ok. I added two layers of plastic bug netting under the skirt panels to give it some lift, and it holds the paper in place nicely.

I’ve also spent every waking moment slicing up about 30 paint brushes. Since I don’t have a saw, I did it by hand with my dremel, then drilled each piece into a bead. My arms and fingers are really sore! I’m going to reassemble these to resemble paintbrushes again, with each piece separated by a bead so that they create movement. These will then get worked into the dress  and hang so that the paintbrushes sway with each step and create the effect of them painting on the dress by themselves. Or so I hope.

Photos of the paintbrush process coming next.


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