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The Mending Trend

Over the last few years I have been really excited to see an uptick and renewed interest in what I call the “mending trend”. Whether it is commentary on the current political climate, a response to the environmental impact that “fast fashion” has on both our planet and it’s population, or just a omnipresent sense of foreboding, there’s definitely been an increase in people looking to mend, repurpose, and reinvent their clothing.

Whatever the reason, this interest in “slow fashion”—handcrafted goods, upcycled/refashioned wearables, and mending techniques to preserve the life of garments—has been growing.

As part of Fashion Revolution Week, I’m attending a workshop on mending, embroidery and eco printing, sponsored by Fibershed and Apparel Arts, to boost my refashioning skills. I’m also kicking off a small series of posts to honor the “mending trend”. I’ll go into some historical considerations, talk about technique and give you all some ideas on ways to refashion and repurpose your garments!

Say yes to revolution!

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