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My Reference Library

So, it might not look like it, but I am self-taught when to comes to sewing and making corsets. My interest in fashion has always been pretty intense. I recall as a child wanting a particular item that wasn’t either in style or in-season and sadly having to wait years for the rest of the world to catch up (or I should say, for it to become mainstream enough to be in production reaching a wider audience). The internet was a virtual baby back then. So, you can imagine that it wasn’t long after I got my first sewing machine that I was trying to make it all myself. Shoes, clothing, and then corsets. I started making my own corsets when I realized that due to a long torso, most commercial corsets were a poor fit. Over time, I have amassed quite a library. Some books are more useful than others, and of course there’s ALWAYS the internet. In case you don’t want to waste time on a book that’s not especially helpful (I’ve done that quite a few times) here is a list of the most useful books in my corset/costume making library. I have included notes as to what each book is about, and why I found it helpful:

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