The finish line has pockets.

Well, that was a whirlwind. 2020 razed through most of our lives like a stampede of bulls in a fully-stocked porcelain factory lined with glass shelving.

I transitioned to working full-time remote in early March (thankful for a job where this was an option), quickly learned how to support two elementary school home learners, moved from one home into another, and transitioned to online learning in order to finish my certificate program in fashion design.

When Apparel Arts closed it’s doors to in-person classes this summer and moved to virtual classes, the transition from seeing my classmate’s faces multiple times a week to seeing them occasionally in online classes was heartbreaking. The camaraderie and banter were gone, we could no longer help each other with fit and draping, and the ability to share and discuss trends was nearly impossible. Moving to remote learning gave me even more insight into the struggle my kids are facing… if I have a hard time sitting through a 1.5 hour lecture, how can I expect them to handle a 3 hour online class? And keeping up with homework on top of working full-time, helping the kids, moving, and attending classes is nearly impossible. I miss my classmates and teachers, my friends and family, and yes, I’m exhausted. But this particular finish line is approaching.

I have just a few remaining classes before I turn my attention to constructing my final line. I won’t get to have a fancy fashion show at school with my classmates, which is a disappointment after working so hard for the last few years. For those of you who know me personally, you’ll know I was really looking forward to throwing that party. Said party aside, the pandemic has really forced designers to take a critical look at what is truly important, even more so when it comes to clothing. For instance, I had elaborate dreams of a laser cut gown, but alas, where would one wear such a thing nowadays, and would it have relevance in the future the way it would have pre-pandemic? Probably not. Are we going to bounce back all “New Look” or are we anticipating a darker future? For now, my designs are leaning less extravagant and more utilitarian. I’m not saying I’m going dark, but I’m certainly heading in a different direction. One thing you can bet on though, there will be pockets.

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