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I have updated my mask pattern to include the adult size

I’ve now made over 30 of these masks for family members and those in the community—as of tomorrow everyone on our little island will be required to wear them in any social settings so in between working my full-time job and homeschooling my two wild kids, I’ve been trying to sew as many as I can to give them to those that need them.

I was able to buy filter material (blue shop cloths) from our local hardware store, Paganos, and am using those as the removable filter material. It can easily be removed before they are washed and can be rinsed and reused as needed.

If you need more guidance, there is a somewhat similar adult’s mask tutorial here: The design itself is quite a bit different, but the construction order is the same.

I would prefer if you used this mask pattern to GIFT to members of your community family and friends, if you decide to make these to sell, please credit me for the design. It took a lot of late nights getting the fit just right and converting these to digital patterns.



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